Smart marketing automation and reach-out tool

Build Brand

With SMART you can transform every member of your team into a brand builder

Drive Measurable Results 

For you to be able to improve your customer base and wallet share it is important to engage existing and prospective customers in a way that addresses their unique needs.

It is more important now than ever before to reach customers through digital channels such as emails, social media and mobile web. For community banks with small budgets and extremely lean marketing and sales team this could be a huge challenge. Fintroid solves this problem through automation and enabling your entire organization to support your marketing and sales team.

Customers Digital Channels Insights

Drive Revenue

Personalize customer engagement even outside your branches

Channels Engage Insights

Engage Across Channels

Easily create smart phone friendly landing pages and embed them into your website and social media posts to engage prospective customers across digital channels. Use smart segments to segment your customers based on different facets such as their demographics, financial needs and behavior. Run focused marketing campaigns for different segments at preset schedules. Track customer response.

Grow Customer Base

Double-down on automated outreach by leveraging myriad of marvelous ways to market provided by SMART

  • What is the one tool that specializes in combining data analytics and automation to drive growth through marketing for community banks?
  • Fintaria’s SMART – Smart Marketing Automation and Reach-out Tool.

Create Impact

Maximize your business productivity while optimizing outreach efforts

Ace Marketing Automation

  • Run focused marketing campaigns for different segments
  • Create personalized emails for your customers and run drip campaigns by sending them tailored content on an automated schedule
  • Reward your customers for helping you find new customers by engaging them into referral program
  • Send out digital newsletter on a specified frequency to leads and existing customers to cross-sell, up-sell and improve your customer base
Marketing Automation