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Market Insights

Stay Ahead of the Competition and Increase Your Market Share

Tap into Key Market Data using Visual Analytics

FAST empowers you by providing valuable market insights using visual analytics. Understand branch operations, analyze deposits market share at branch and institution level, analyze mortgage market share at different market levels and compare with competition, identify potential markets. 

Find answers to questions such as what are the opportunities to expand branch footprints? How are your peers realigning their branch footprint? What are the opportunities to expand mortgage market share? What is the loan portfolio distribution among your CU peers who share your terms of membership and fall within $100 million and $500 million asset size? How do you compare with your next-door neighbor on loans to investments ratio?

Key Market Data

Visual Analytics Driven Financial Performance Analysis

Benchmark Performance. Analyze Market Share. Identify Potential Candidates for Mergers and Acquisitions

Financial Trends

Fuel Growth with Business Intelligence

Visualize insights on color coded maps and assess performance based on key financial performance ratios. Look at financial trends over a period of time. See growth in deposits, loans, investments, income and expense over the quarters and how that growth compares with the rest of the market. Explore changing yields across different loan products within your market. Compare your market with other markets to find macro trends. Learn how your peers are driving and dealing those trends. Design your growth strategy based on visual analytics and business intelligence and stay ahead of the competition.

Be The Winner

FAST Empowers You with the Information that Enables You to Stay Ahead of the Curve and be the Winner

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  • Financial Analysis and Strategy Tool

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Financial Simulator

Model Growth Scenarios And Identify Potential Targets For Mergers and Acquisitions

A Sandbox for Growth Strategies

FAST provides a strategy simulator to simulate various growth scenarios. You can set achievable goals and fine tune your growth strategy. Optimize your plans to get the best bang for your buck.

Program multiple scenarios to assess the impact of:

  • merging with or acquiring an institution and impacts on deposits and mortgage portfolios
  • changing your loans to investment ratio
  • reducing expenses by a certain percentage
  • changing interest rates on deposit and loan products
  • increasing or decreasing assets and much much more.

You can combine multiple parameters to project complicated scenarios.

Key Market Data