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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FAST?

FAST stands for Financial Analysis and Strategy Tool. FAST utilizes data analytics and visual analytics to generate business intelligence that will help you - our community bankers, to gain insight into your growth strategy, existing market trends, your strengths and areas of improvements and how you can grow your business. You can compare your performance with your peers based on various financial performance ratios and other metrics, analyze deposits and mortgage market share at different market levels, identify opportunities to expand branch footprint, identify potential candidates for mergers and acquisitions, simulate growth scenarios and much more. Consider it an automated business intelligence analyst on steroids!

What data does FAST use for generating business intelligence?

FAST uses open source data sources to run data analytics and generate business intelligence.

How often is the data updated?

We update the data inside FAST as soon as we get new data from various sources.

How can I access FAST?

FAST is a web based business intelligence tool. You can access FAST through a web browser by logging into it using the provided credentials - user-name and password. This saves you the hassle of installing any software on your computers. Contact us today to obtain your credentials and start using FAST!

Is there a specific browser that you recommend to run FAST?

We recommend using google chrome or microsoft edge for best experience with FAST.

Can FAST access my data?

FAST is entirely based on the open source data that is publicly available. We do not have access to any data related to your customers stored on your systems. We do store some of your interaction with the application to provide you a better customer experience. You can review our terms of use and privacy policy to get a better understanding.