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Surreal Experience

Provide personal banker like services to every customer

Power-up Real Time Customer Profile

Community banks are all about personalized service. Double down on this strength by adopting CRAFT. Gather everything you know about your customers into a single profile in real time and use that information to personalize every aspect of their experience.

Just imagine a system that empowers each of your team members to know likes and dislikes of every customer, their interactions with your organization, what product and services they may be interested in - all on a single screen. CRAFT makes that a reality.                                     

Customers Exceptional Experiences

Personalized Engagement

Connect your front offices with your back office to capture all customer signals everywhere

Customer Actionable Insights

Translate Customer Signals into Actionable Insights

Unify your back-office systems with front-office interactions to align your organization around your customers and deliver on your brand promise. CRAFT is the only system that integrates customers, accounts, transactions, AML, call center and front office interactions into a refined, holistic customer profile.

Complemented with interactive dashboards and data visualization tools, you will be amazed at the kind of insight you will be able to gain into your customers.

Instill Trust

Build and manage lasting customer relationships by taking action in every moment that matters

  • How can you become a brand known for instilling trust in thier customers and taking a nuanced approach towards serving their financial needs?
  • By adopting Fintaria's CRAFT - Customer Relationship Advancement and Facilitation Tool

Truly Nextgen

Experience the next generation of customer experience management

Common Data. Uncommon Results

To truly deliver world-class experiences, you need to unite behavioral, transactional, and operational data so that you can understand what your customer is doing right now. CRAFT collates all this data and enhances it by applying machine learning, visual analytics and automation to generate insights on which your team members can act in a useful and timely way. This results in a truly personalized and action oriented customer experience resulting in high growth and revenue generation.

Data Comparision Insights